I love you completely.


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sharing a scan of the bonus paper of Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru. it’s a freebie when you order the tankoubon from Comi-Comi. ^^

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Happy Birthday ♣ Sharon Rainsworth!
Anonymous sent:

Hello I was wondering if you could tell me how you got the mujihi na karada boys kyapi magazine?

hi~ i got this particular issue of Boys Kyapi from CD Japan where i usually purchase mangas in general. you can also try Amazon Japan where they accept pre-orders of such magazines and ships it on its release date unlike in CD Japan where it is only available for order at least two days since its release. i’ve already ordered from both sites and CD Japan is highly recommended because of the money that one can save.

i hope this helps. ^^


Missed out on GEM Mega House’s 1/8 Katsura the first time?  Well now he’s getting a re-release (Bandai Exclusive) and Big in Japan’s got him up for pre-order!  Don’t miss out!

[Available: August 2014]


and here i thought that i had forever missed out on this and with this news.. AWWW YISSSSSSS! still had enough time to save up. though is it just me or is it a lot more expensive than the last time’s release?? hhmmm~ whatever just —

it’s been great being a fangirl lately especially when your otps blessed you with an awesome Mujihi na Karada chapter and the Onoda/Deguchi tankoubon finally materialized after six years since the first doujin spin-off was published. 

as expected, i’m weak when it comes to them. ヽ(´ー`)┌

8018 by NITRO Koutetsu | ニトロ攻鉄

it’s a good day in fandom when your BL mangaka goddess also ships your otp and blesses her minions with sex loads of doujins of these two~ ❤

April 1 – Tensai Basketoman's Birthday! <3

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APRIL 1ST | Happy Birthday, Sakuragi Hanamichi
... and a thousand other things 
that i can't possibly put into words,
I love them all. I love you completely.
– Aikawa Kuon / Mujihi na Karada Chapter 5