i’m gonna miss my babies so much! ;~~;


when my favorite character does something embarrassing


credit: @meisakuraga_fan

just looking at this fanart, i’m so excited to see the cover of Mujihi na Karada's tankoubon set to release this coming October 29! and personally, i want it to be as sensual as this~ :3


This was too funny not to translate! Although this didn’t really happen in the manga, I can see this being a conversation Nanao and Kuon would have.(¬‿¬)

Nanao: What is the thing that is long and narrow and hangs around the mid section of a man?
Kuon: Necktie
Nanao: In the lower body, the thing that becomes soft and becomes hard? Kuon: The knee
Nanao: Then, how about the word that starts with “chi”, middle syllable is “n” and ends with “ko”?
*author’s note: it spells out chinko, which means penis in Japanese >/////< Kuon: “Chirimenjako” (Dried baby sardines)
Nanao: …..




"I made it my wallpaper."


Slumber party with the guys of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (月刊少女野崎くん), illustrated by animation director Ajiki Kei (安食圭) who also did the Persona4 The Golden poster, both in Animedia Magazine.


"I’m Nozaki Umeko, pyon. Today, I’ve come to get a hottie, pyon. My favorite food is carrots, pyon.”


Nozaki and cats